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    points of presence worldwide

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    peering partners

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    Tbps - total network capacity

  • 0ms

    average response time worldwide

Gcore is the foundation for your global infrastructure, applications and business

Protect your website, application, and server against complex DDoS attacks.

  • Globally Distributed

    Our network consists of more than 140 CDN POPs and 15 Cloud locations.

  • Secure

    All of our products integrate state of the art DDOS and web protection.

  • Edge Native

    All of our products natively integrate with each other to run your apps on the edge.

  • Flexible and Scalable

    We own our infrastructure allowing us to tailor our systems to perfectly fit our customer's needs.

Control, scale and perform. Everywhere you need it.

Our core services:

    Our core services:

Edge Cloud

A ready-made infrastructure for faster development around the world. Our cloud services will not only help you deploy projects at less cost but also scale in case of success.

  • 16 core and edge locations
  • 20+ IaaS and PaaS services
  • Private, hybrid, and on-premises cloud solutions
  • L2 connectivity between bare metal and virtual instances
  • AI Infrastructure
  • Load balancers
  • Managed Kubernetes
  • Function as a Service
  • Logging as a Service
  • Free egress traffic
  • Management via API and Terraform
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Meet our powerful global network

Your networks are at the core of delivering end-user experiences, supporting business initiatives. But often, the performance of your network traffic can be unpredictable due to intermediate networks outside of your control.

  • 110+

     Tbps total network capacity

  • 100+

    IXPs connected

  • 11,000+

    peering partners

  • Anycast & GeoDNS


Meet our network

Developer Friendly

Control the Edge Programmatically

  "flavor": "bm1-basic-medium",
  "image_id": "f01fd9a0-9548-48ba-82dc-a8c8b2d6f2f1",
  "interfaces": [
  "names": [
  "ddos_profile": {
    "profile_template": 29,
    "fields": []
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  • wargaming
  • api-video
  • jsdelivr
  • stage-audio
  • avast

Welcome to Gcore Functions as a Service Beta!

Execute your code in a serverless way

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A simple way to control your Cloud

A control panel is integrated with all products: CDN, Streaming, Storage, Cloud, DDoS Protection, and DNS Hosting.

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The Cloud control panel is integrated with other infrastructure products: CDN, Streaming, Storage, DDoS Protection, and DNS Hosting.

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  • Origin shielding

    Prevent the origin from being overloaded during a traffic surge

  • Free Let’s Encrypt SSL

    Issue an SSL certificate for free to deliver content over HTTPS

  • Origin groups

    Bind several origins to your CDN

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  • One click run
  • Single portal
  • Distribution in 140+ countries
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